Grades 3 - 5 - Recorder Karate
Required items in music class: soprano recorder; Recorder Time, Book One; any homework that has been assigned for music. Students are also encouraged to bring a pencil and a completed practice sheet.

Practice Sheets. Students are encouraged to return signed practice sheets in exchange for a prize. Keep bringing in those practice sheets!

Behavior Incentive Program - GO GREEN!
There are many opportunities for music students to earn green clips. Three green clips can be exchanged for a prize. More prizes equals happier musicians.

Be Responsible! Musicians are responsible. Students who are prepared for music class with all of the required items can earn green clips.
Be Respectful! Musicians are respectful. Students who are caught being respectful can earn green clips.
Be Cooperative! Musicians are cooperative. Students who are caught being cooperative can earn green clips.

Practice tools to use at home
Metronome Online - free online metronome with easy to adjust tempo dial

Student subscriptions are available for a low yearly fee. It is used in class as an assessment tool and it makes practicing fun and easy! Purchase a student subscription of SmartMusic and try it for a year.

Fun Links!
Carrot Clarinet - Learn how to build your own clarinet out of a carrot.