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Meet the Teacher

M. BlondoMy name is Maria Blondo and I am an alumna of Northern Adirondack Central School.  I live in Altona and in my spare time I enjoy painting, sewing, being outdoors, participating in community organizations, and most especially, spending time with my family.
I graduated from Plattsburgh State University of New York with teaching certificates for PreK-12th grade Visual Arts, Birth-6th grade Childhood Education, and 1st-6th grade Special Education.
In 2010 I was hired as the Elementary Art Teacher.  I am truly happy to be back “home” at NACS instructing students on my favorite subject.


All supplies are provided.  Smocks are available for students to wear during messy projects.  It is recommended that students do not wear their favorite or best clothes on art days (messes happen).  Students are expected to use supplies responsibly.


Do Your Best
Use your best effort, try hard, say "I can", and participate.

Use Your Time Wisely
Focus on your project and finish on time.

Be Responsible
Clean up messes and use materials appropriately and safely.

Be Positive and Respectful
Look for the good side of everything and work well with others.

Follow Directions
Pay attention and do what the teacher tells you to do.

Elementary Art Curriculum

Students attend Art Class once per week for 40 minutes.  I have the pleasure of instructing all students throughout all their years at NACS Elementary.  During this time, they will learn a variety of skills.  Here is the NACS
PreK-5 Elementary Art Curriculum

Resources for Fine Motor Practice

Grips and Tips for Writing, Cutting, and Tearing by Maria Blondo

OT Mom Free Cutting Templat

Northern Adirondack Central School District's Art Department is a 
Proud Participant of Artsonia!


“Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Every child can have an online art gallery and preserve their masterpieces for all time!”
- ©Artsonia LLC

Check out our school's Art Gallery at

Parent/Guardian permission is required for students to participate. 
Students can get a copy of the permission slip from
Mrs. Blondo. Mrs. Filion, or click here.

Parents/Guardians can also upload student artwork to the "Created Outside of Art Class" exhibit using the Artsonia website or app. 

This is NOT a contest, but rather a safe and fun way to share artwork.  Participation is optional.  

Non-School Related Events, Workshops, & Contests

Information regarding upcoming non-school related events, workshops, and contests is available at school.  Fliers and forms are placed in folders located outside the art classroom.  Participation is optional.

District Events

Music Concerts/Art Shows are held in December and May in the NACS Middle/High School.  Check the district calendar for dates and times.

Special Area Report Card & Artwork Grades

Students in grades 3-5 receive a quarterly report card.  Students do not earn numerical grades for special areas at the elementary level.  Instead, they earn letter grades.  The report card is broken into two parts:
Content and PRIDE Expectations. 

Content consists of:
completion of compositions
critical thinking/analyses of art work
appropriate use/care of materials
understanding of cultural aspects
following directions/steps
spelling/grammar (where applicable)

The 5 report card letter grades for Content:
Outstanding = Student has highly exceeded expectations.  Student performance and knowledge exhibits excellent accuracy and quality at all times.
​Advanced = Student has exceeded expectations.  Student performance and knowledge exhibits accuracy and quality most of the time.
Satisfactory = Student has met expectations.  Student performance and knowledge exhibits accuracy and quality some of the time.
Developing = Student is progressing towards expectations.  Student performance and knowledge exhibits variances in accuracy and quality and student needs additional instruction.
​Novice = Student is at a beginning level of meeting the expectations.  Student performance and knowledge exhibits inconsistencies and student needs significant guidance and support.

PRIDE Expectations consist of:
Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Cooperative

The 3 report card letter grades for PRIDE Expectations:
Satisfactory/Meeting Expectations = Student has met expectations. Improvement Shown/Progress Still Needed = (two different meanings) Student has improved OR student needs to improve more.
Needs Improvement/Not Meeting Expectations = Student is not meeting expectations.

Artwork Grades:
Grades for student art work are determined using the Elementary Art Project Rubric for Grades 3-5
 which contains all of the criteria students need to meet in order to create successful projects.  Students receive a letter grade sticker on their project.  Only students in grades 3-5 have their projects graded and not every project receives a grade.  The rubric is available here and is posted in the classroom for students to view at anytime.


Contact Information

Mrs. Maria Blondo, Elementary Art Teacher
​Northern Adirondack Central School District
​P.O. Box 164, 5572 Route 11
​Ellenburg Depot, NY 12935
​(518) 594-3986