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Letter to Students - May 2020

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For anyone needing a resource for fine motor practice (using the muscles in your hands and wrists), my "Grips and Tips for Writing, Cutting, and Tearing" can be found below.

Elementary Art Classroom

Elementary Art Classroom

Meet the Teacher

M. BlondoMy name is Mrs. Maria Blondo and I am an alumna of Northern Adirondack Central School.  I live in Altona and in my spare time, I enjoy painting, sewing, being outdoors, participating in community organizations, and most especially, spending time with my family.
I graduated from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh with teaching certificates for PreK-12th grade Visual Arts, Birth-6th grade Childhood Education, and 1st-6th grade Special Education.
In 2010 I was hired as the Elementary Art Teacher.  I am truly happy to be back “home” at NACS instructing students on my favorite subject.

NACS Teaching Philosophy of Visual Art Education

by Maria Blondo

At Northern Adirondack Central Elementary School, we believe in every child having the opportunity to experience art by viewing and creating in order to develop into well-rounded and prepared individuals for their future in this quickly changing world.  Students are immersed in a creative world as they enter the colorful art room and are surrounded by works of the masters. Students learn the 21st Century Skills, such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity, to name a few, which they will need to be successful in life, all while creating their own masterpieces.  Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten, each year students will learn art skills that will build upon the previous year. When they complete fifth grade they will be prepared for the challenges they will be presented with when they reach middle school. The art skills are grounded in the Elements of Art, the Principles of Design, New York State Learning Standards for the Visual Arts, and the National Core Arts Standards for Visual Art.

Every student learns differently, therefore a variety of instructional strategies will be used to teach and engage students.  Pedagogical concepts will be pulled from the following researched differentiated approaches: Project-Based Learning (PBL), Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB), Discipline-Based Art Education (DBAE), Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), and Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math (STEAM).   These instructional approaches consist of project (real world)-led, student-led, teacher-led, discussion-led, and cross-curricular connections-led methodologies. Throughout the year, students will create a variety of projects using the various instructional approaches that are challenging, but not beyond their capabilities.  Although they will receive assistance and guidance all along their journey, artwork that is displayed in the hallway and at our biannual art shows will be solely completed by the students. In this way, students have full ownership of their projects. Students will be assessed on their understanding of art concepts using concise developmentally appropriate assessments created by their teacher.   

The skills that the students of NACS Elementary will take away with them from their first-hand experiences in the art room will make them better human beings.  They will have developed their “Right-Brain Thinking” abilities, they will have honed in the 21st Century Skills, they will have learned about the past through Art History, and they will have developed an understanding of the Purpose and Meaning of art: which is how art is a part of everything we see, wear, use, experience in our daily lives.  Students will have had the opportunity to go out on a limb, take chances, share their beliefs, and inspire others. By leaving school with these experiences and skills that were learned in the art room, NACS students will be ready to take on the challenges their future holds.

“...the arts have been an inseparable part of the human journey; indeed, we depend on the arts to carry us toward the fullness of our humanity.  We value them for themselves, and because we do, we believe knowing and practicing them is fundamental to the healthy development of our children’s minds and spirits.  That is why, in any civilization- ours included- the arts are inseparable from the very meaning of the term ‘education.’ We know from long experience that no one can claim to be truly educated who lacks basic knowledge and skills in the arts.” 

Quote from the National Art Education Association in regard to the National Visual Arts Standards as cited in an article titled “Art Advocacy: Learning to Speak the Language of Your Audience.”

Kane, Amber. “Art Advocacy: Learning to Speak the Language of Your Audience.” The Art of Education University, 26 Mar. 2018, 

NACS PRIDE Expectations

Be Safe 
Be Respectful 
Be Responsible 
Be Cooperative

Art Room Expectations

"In this classroom, I will 

Act appropriately
Respect everyone
Try my best

so that we can all enjoy
our right to learn!"



All supplies are provided.  Smocks are available for students to wear during messy projects.  It is recommended that students do not wear their favorite or best clothes on art days (messes happen).  Students are expected to use supplies responsibly.

Resources for Fine Motor Practice

Click here for Grips and Tips for Writing, Cutting, and Tearing

Special Area Report Card & Quarterly Grading

Report Cards:
Students in grades 3-5 receive a quarterly report card.  Students do not earn numerical grades for special areas at the elementary level.  Instead, they receive letter grades: Outstanding, Satisfactory, and Developing.     

Outstanding = Student has highly exceeded expectations.  Student performance and knowledge exhibit excellent accuracy and quality at all times.
Satisfactory = Student has met expectations.  Student performance and knowledge exhibit accuracy and quality most of the time.
Developing = Student is at the beginning level of progressing toward the expectations.  Student performance and knowledge exhibit inconsistencies in accuracy and quality and student needs additional instruction, guidance, and support. 

Quarterly Grading:
Each quarter, students have a set of skills they work on through their projects and other aspects of art class.  Grades are determined by the level at which students have completed the skills for the quarter.  These skills are from the Visual Arts Curriculum for NACS Elementary, which is based on the New York State Learning Standards for the Visual Arts and the National Core Arts Standards for the Visual Arts.  These grades are recorded in the quarterly report card.

Northern Adirondack Central School District's Art Department is a 
Proud Participant of Artsonia!



“Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Every child can have an online art gallery and preserve their masterpieces for all time!”
- ©Artsonia LLC

Check out our school's Art Gallery at

Parent/Guardian permission is required for students to participate. 
Students can get a copy of the permission slip from Mrs. Blondo or click here.

Parents/Guardians can also upload student artwork to the "Created Outside of Art Class" exhibit using the Artsonia website or app. 

This is NOT a contest, but rather a safe and fun way to share artwork.  Participation is optional.  

District Events

Music Concerts/Art Shows are held in December and May in the NACS Middle/High School.  Check the district calendar for dates and times.

Non-School Related Events, Workshops, & Contests

Information regarding upcoming non-school related events, workshops, and contests are periodically available with Mrs. Blondo.  Participation is optional.

Contact Information

Mrs. Maria Blondo, Elementary Art Teacher
Northern Adirondack Central School District
P.O. Box 164, 5572 Route 11
Ellenburg Depot, NY 12935
(518) 594-3986