Bus Garage Contacts:
Julie LeClair - Transportation Supervisor 594-7142 ext. 4000
                  – Secretary 594-7142 ext.4002
Danny Jarvis - Head Mechanic  594-7142 ext. 4001
Allan Matthews - Mechanic/Bus Driver  ext.4001
Francis McNeil - Mechanic/Bus Driver  ext.4001

Bus Notes: When students are going to a friend’s house, written notes must be received from both students' parents/guardians. If students are going to a relative’s (i.e., grandparent's, aunt's) house and/or workplace, only one note from the parent/guardian is required. These notes must be handed in to the student's teacher at the beginning of the school day. 

Safety Policies:

  - Parents of elementary children should let the bus driver know they are home when their 
    children are dropped off in the afternoons.
  - Please make sure your children are ready in the morning when the bus reaches your stop!
  - For new Kindergarten and small children that have to cross mornings or afternoons,
    please be available to help your children learn safe crossing procedures. This could mean 
    walking across the road as the bus stops, helping your child exit the bus, and showing
    them how to cross safely with the universal crossing signal.
  - If students accidentally leave something on the bus they should NEVER run back to get it!
    It will be there when they get back on the bus! The buses are checked night and morning
    for anything left behind and if items are found they are placed in a secure location until
    your child can retrieve it safely.
  - Children should NEVER run after the bus if they are late in the morning. Please advise
    your child on the dangers of doing so. Also, parents should not try to flag down a bus if
    their children miss it. Please just bring your child in to school if this happens. The bus
    driver is doing a very important job and has enough distractions!
   - If your children have issues on the bus please let the transportation department know as
    soon as possible. We are here to address any and all issues relating to the safe
    transportation of your children!

Following these safety policies will ensure a safe and positive transportation experience for your children every day.  Thank you for your cooperation! Have a safe and happy school year!